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A Patriotic Pastime


This beautiful baseball bat flag combines the All-American pastime of baseball with the summertime tradition of going to the beach. It is the perfect addition to any home for the summer months! Serious power-tools are involved, so only embark on this project if you know your way around this equipment or can persuade someone else to help you. This DIY project is well worth the effort and will be a conversation piece for many summers to come!

Materials and Tools Needed

  • 4 or more old baseball bats
  • 6 starfish [depends on size]
  • plywood
  • 4 – 1 X 1 in strips of wood, cut to frame plywood
  • wood stain
  • white paint
  • hammer + nails
  • liquid nails

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step one

Cut the bats in half lengthwise using proper equipment and tools.

PHOTO: Finding Home Blog

step two

Arrange the bats on the plywood and cut plywood to fit. Mark where tool cut the ends off 3 or so bats to make room for the starfish. Cut the bats on the marked line.

step three

Stain your plywood and strips of wood for the frame to a stain of your liking. A darker stain was used here. After the stain dries, dry brush white paint onto your stained plywood. Allow the stain to show through to show the texture of the wood.

PHOTO: Finding Home Blog

step four

Attach your frame pieces to the plywood.

PHOTO: Finding Home Blog

step five

Glue the bats and starfish to the plywood. Let dry for a few days before hanging or displaying on your mantel.

PHOTO: Finding Home Blog

Finished flag

PHOTO: Finding Home Blog

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