Avocado + Lime Sorbet

Avocado + Lime Sorbet

End of Summer Sorbet

RECIPE + PHOTOS by Sweet Laurel

We know that Summer is swiftly coming to a close, but in these last few languid nights of slow sunsets and fireflies, we thought: “what better to accompany those nights than some delicious and homemade sorbet?” And, well, we just couldn’t come up with anything better. So without further adieu, we present: the perfect sorbet recipe. We mean it; this recipe really is perfect. Three ingredients. Easy. And dare we say…healthy? This recipe, comprised of avocados, limes, and confectioners sugar, could be a sneaky way to get your kids to eat some vegetables without knowing it, moms! And the cherry on top..it doesn’t require an ice cream maker! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check out this deliciously simple sorbet recipe, and bring Summer to a close the right way.

Avocado + Lime Sorbet
  • 3 perfectly ripe avocados
  • Juice of 6 limes (about 8 Tbsp)
  • ¾ cup of confectioner's sugar
  1. Peel & cube avocados directly into the pitcher of a blender, and cover with lime juice. Blend until creamy.
  2. Once your mixture has been well-blended, transfer to large mixing bowl. Using a wire whisk, beat in sugar until completely dissolved & evenly distributed.
  3. Transfer mixture to a wide baking dish or lidded plastic container, cover tightly with plastic wrap or lid and place in freezer.
  4. Remove container from freezer every thirty minutes for the first three hours of freezing and stir mixture vigorously to homogenize ice crystals. After three hours, allow mixture to freeze completely. Serve (try it topped with golden toasted coconut flakes!) and enjoy.


Avocado + Lime Sorbet


Avocado + Lime Sorbet

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