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Transitional style


Lela Rochon moved into her home a year and a half half ago knowing it wasn’t going to be easy to incorporate her personal style. With a surplus of existing furniture and a traditional home, Lela and her director husband Antoine Fuqua struggled with what most do when they move – how to incorporate existing pieces into a new home and making the style work. After all, spaces are different which makes design, scale of furniture and room sizes a challenge.

With modern furnishings from Italy and other beautiful pieces already on hand, it was difficult to justify purchasing more just to restyle one room. That’s when Lela and her husband were connected by Good Carma Studio to Kristin Alber, a seasoned professional with an eye for capturing her client’s vision through design. With the assistance of an interior expert, you can do wonders to create the home you want while saving time and money.

What we love about Lela’s new informal living room is that a fresh coat of soft, gray paint created a canvas to build a transitional style upon. Furthermore, careful editing of furniture and sleek home decor paired with new, exciting patterns is all that was needed to develop an eclectic and cohesive look – a room that was a spot on reflection of Lela’s family and her love to entertain. Because what else would you do with a room that is an extension of your dining room and overlooks a stunning patio? Host beautiful gatherings of course.

So you may be asking, what is transitional style and how can I get it? Transitional style combines traditional design with contemporary finishes to create a classic, timeless look. In this case, Lela wanted something fresh, young and modern that would still fit the style of their traditional home. On top of that, the room needed to add in Antoine’s loves of sleek sophistication. Taking that into consideration and Lela’s love of rich fabrics, variety of textures and embellished designs, Kristin created thoughtful layers of old and new, and ultimately a stylish space that still offers the comfort a family looks for when spending time together and the excitement of entertaining friends with a drink or two at the bar before dinner.

To get this look, make sure to check out the products below that were used in this space, plus our REstyle picks that can help make it your own.

Living Room

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

A new classic

A transitional style is a wonderful option when you want to combine the comforts of familiar furnishings with the excitement of new contemporary designs. By incorporating what you already have with a few new, modern and sophisticated pieces, your room can be transformed into a timeless space that can be enjoyed and shared with others.

Lela and Accessories

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

Full room

PHOTO: Dusty Lu


PHOTO: Dusty Lu

Clean Lines

When designing a space like Lela’s, using large scale pieces such as seating and tables that have clean, straight lines is exactly what’s needed to balance bolder home accents. By doing so, you can experiment with interesting mirrors, funky lamps and gutsy patterns.

Lela and Closeups

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

Candles and Book

PHOTO: Dusty Lu

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